Colognole Extra Virgin Olive Oil Laudemio 500ml

Laudemio is the name given to oil bottled under the Consortium of Olive Growers of Central Tuscany. The consortium aims to produce the highest quality oil so the growers must adhere to strict standards to be permitted to bottle their oil under the Laudemio label. This oil is individually boxed with a removable air lock pour spout to maintain the optimal freshness & quality of this oil.

Elementi Truffle Oil Black 100ml

Infused with highly prized black truffle, Elementi Black Truffle Oil adds a wonderfully earthy note to dishes. Stir it through risotto or pasta just before serving, or fold it though buttery mashed potatoes.

Elementi Truffle Oil White 100ml

Infused with truffles, Elementi White Truffle Oil adds a lovely earthy note to dishes. Drizzle it over pappardelle with beef ragu, add a dash to mashed potatoes, or stir it through porcini mushroom risotto just before serving,
Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson Truffle Oil Black 250ml

This black truffle oil is made from specially selected black truffles from the Pyrenees, which are then infused into 100% early harvest extra virgin olive oil made from Arbequina olives. The result is an oil that’s exquisitely aromatic. Drizzle it onto scrambled eggs, pasta, risotto or a hearty soup.
Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson Truffle Oil White 250ml

Simon Johnson White Truffle Oil is made from 100% Arbequina olives infused with specially selected white truffles. It’s delicious drizzled into soups, scrambled eggs, or over a porcini risotto. For something different, try mixing it through mashed potatoes.

Terrabianca Truffle Oil 100ml

Italian truffle oil - drizzle over mashed potatoes, an omlette, or enhance a mushroom dish. An ideal gift.

Leblanc Hazelnut Oil 250ml

The LeBlanc family have been producing oils in Iguerande, Burgundy, since 1878. Their excellent nut and seed oils are produced using traditional methods passed down through the generations. For this oil, hazelnuts are ground, then grilled before being pressed to release a wonderful praline aroma.

Leblanc Walnut Oil 250ml

J. LeBlanc produces true-to-type unfiltered nut oils. The bouquet and flavour of each variety are captured using traditional methods. Firstly, the fruit is carefully selected by Mr LeBlanc, then the nuts are roasted, single-pressed and bottled. These oils are made throughout the year, ensuring a constantly fresh supply.
Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson Nut Oil Walnut 250ml

Simon Johnson Walnut Oil is produced from specially selected walnuts from Spain, which are famous for their sweetness and intense flavour. This finishing oil is best served unheated, and can be used in dressings and cold sauces, or simply drizzled over salads.

Lorenzo Extra Virgin Olive Oil No1 Cerasuola 500ml

he prestigious Lorenzo N° 1 is a high quality extra virgin olive oil made from a selection of the best West Sicilian olives grown from organic farming (P.D.O. Valli Trapanesi). It’s a slightly dense oil with a brilliant green colour, persistent herbaceous aroma and intense well-rounded fruity flavour with an almond finish. Use to finish a dish and enhance flavours.